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Heavenly food that will blow you away

It’s no secret that I love to eat. Add great food to a nice destination and that’s how I would imagine heaven. Japan is one of those destinations where eating well is easy. Before our visit, I had already booked a few higher-end restaurants: Joel Robuchon – located very close to our first hotel in Tokyo, Roppongi S (we didn’t go…

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Sakura Sakura

It’s been 8 months (35 weeks exactly) since we’ve visited Japan and since then many people have visited this amazing country after us and asked for tips, which I have plenty. I never got to the point of writing them down on this webpage until today. Some reasons for this massive delay are rather emotional,…

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Where to nap in Japan

Unlike most countries I’ve visited, booking ahead is a must while traveling in Japan. Especially if your planning your visit during the Spring. We’ve met several fellow-travelers being stuck in a city a little longer, because they couldn’t find accommodation for their next destination, or moving hostels because the place where they stayed couldn’t provide…

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Tokyo – Kyoto – Matsue – Miyajima & Hiroshima – Osaka – Kumano Kodo (Chikatsuyu – Hongu) – Shirahama (beach) – Osaka – Tokyo

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