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Our ‘Epic’ Baby-moon

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to high-five myself for past decisions and actions. First, I would go back to October 2014 and thank myself for saying ‘yes’ to going out for drinks with this witty guy. Next, I would go back to the beginning of June 2016 and congratulate us on the…

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Mobile Citizens of the World: 24h in Rotterdam.

Last weekend the boyfriend surprised me with a weekend abroad to celebrate our first year as a couple. By now he knows how I value experiences over material things. He also knows that I prefer experiences that take place beyond national borders. So he booked us a night at CitizenM in Rotterdam. Only a short drive from…

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Turkish Delight

1983. Daddy left Belgium with wife & kids to live as an expat for the last time. Destination: Istanbul. Fascinating stories continue to intrigue until this day. It’s where I learned to walk. Where I learned to talk (my first word allegedly being mayonnaise). It’s where my big sis taught me to draw with my…

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There’s something about Barcelona.

As most great love stories go, we met quite unexpectedly and rather unintentionally. When my big sis turned 18, she went backpacking through India with her boyfriend, so my high school best friend & I started dreaming of our first backpack adventure too. Latin America. That would be our first destination. Little did we know…

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Let me take you to Paris.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She believes every occasion calls for a trip. Don’t date a girl who travels. She’ll book two nights at her favourite hotel and plan a dinner date at one of her most treasured restaurants. She’ll announce it the day before your actual birthday – because she’s too excited about going…

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The Canary Gin Bar: Home of Bath Gin

Gin of a Different Persuasion I must admit, when everyone suggested us to visit the Gin Bar, I didn’t have high expectations. Just another gin bar –  so I thought – so the hype isn’t just in Antwerp… After a day of shopping (Bath has an Anthropologie store – my guiltiest shopping pleasure – yay!), we…

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Pieminister @ St Nicks

Good times with pies… Featuring on several festivals, markets and pubs across London and the South West, Pieminister was born in Bristol and therefore deserved a little tasting. Sarah and I were walking around St Nicholas Market and suddenly got mouth-watering hungry passing by the Pieminister booth. A simple pie served with mash & gravy…

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Not your usual coffee bar: Playground Coffee House

A place where you can play games while drinking amazing coffee. Not the only one in Bristol, so I realised later, but a great concept nonetheless. The extra credits are for asking you which taste you like before serving you their perfect roasted coffees.

Hart’s Bakery

Tucked away in an arch just underneath Temple Meads station in Bristol, this little bakery is a true gem. Whether you’re just looking for some great coffee or in the mood for some handmade pastries, when in the neighbourhood, make sure to step inside! It’s location is convenient when arriving or leaving the city, just a…

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Brrrristol Baby!

When my close friend Sarah decided to move from vibrant London to Bristol, I must admit I had to google map the place. Visiting each other as much as possible, a short break in Bristol was promptly added to my list. Not exactly knowing what to expect and everything but ready, off I went. Due…

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