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Another year draws to its close

2014 has been quite an emotional roller coaster – to say the least. A year of great travels and big emotions. It started off with some business travels to Berlin and Phoenix. Thanks to the great company of my colleague Maartje, business turned into pleasure easily. In March I got my flat some cabrio windows –…

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New kid in town: Labyrinth

Antwerp is known by outsiders as a good party-spot. For the insiders, that’s not always the case. You go to the same bars and clubs, run into the same people, time after time. We’ve gone out at the same club nearly every Saturday for the last 3 years. Sure, there have been many fun moments! But…

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Home is where my Hammock rocks

They say that home is where your heart is … but after travelling, you will never be completely at home again, because you always leave pieces of your heart wherever you‘ve been. I do have a pretty damn nice Base Camp though. Antwerp. City of my heart. And from now on, I also have a…

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