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Get up, Stand up & Surf Nicaragua

I was already wearing the surf girl T-shirts and I did receive the surf-Nicaragua-cap, so it seemed only fair to finally give the whole surfing-thing a try. My only regret is that I didn’t try it any sooner. Wow, is this addictive.

They first give you a big board, more like a boat almost. I guess they do this to build your confidence. Because anyone – yes anyone – can get up on these boards on beginner waves. It also helps to have a teacher calling you “chica brava” and making you the shaka-sign (hang loose) after the first real wave you catch.

My first surf experience was at Playa Remanso, for which I took the 5$ shuttle from Pacha Mama (San Juan del Sur); the second time I went to Playa Maderas with the shuttle from Casa Oro. Both spots are different and it’s hard to tell which I liked the most. One thing I’m sure off: I’ll be back for more!

Nicaragua, you absolute babe! The marks you left on my skin – the sun tan, the ocean (rock) cuts, the mosquito & other (bed) bug bites – will soon be gone, but I’ll leave you a piece of me.

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pam • September 21, 2014

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