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Flying like Superman & Swinging like Tarzan

Our main (& only) drive to visit Monteverde was doing the canopy tour. So many operators will offer you an exciting experience, I’m sure. But when we do it, we do it right. So we decided to go for 100% Aventura, the one with the longest zipline in Latin America. Flying above the rain forest, 1590 m is a pretty long ride. It did not disappoint. And at $45 pp, it’s well worth the value.

You start with a few easier short ones, a rappelling line, building up to a much longer one, followed by 2 ‘superman’ cables: attached at your back and facing down without hands. I was the first of the group, so I didn’t really realise I wasn’t suppose to suddenly stop flying 50m before the end while doing my first superman. I figured they designed it that way to let me enjoy the forest beneath me even more (which they didn’t). So I hung there enjoying, until someone came to get me.

But what really got my adrenaline pumping, was the Tarzan Swing at the end. It involves stepping off a platform, dropping big time towards the ground and swing a few times back and forth before being caught by the safety lines. There was some screaming, off course, until it took my breath away. A true rush…

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pam • September 3, 2014

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