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Heavenly food that will blow you away

It’s no secret that I love to eat.

Add great food to a nice destination and that’s how I would imagine heaven. Japan is one of those destinations where eating well is easy.

Before our visit, I had already booked a few higher-end restaurants: Joel Robuchon – located very close to our first hotel in Tokyo, Roppongi S (we didn’t go to the restaurant / castle in Ebisu, but ended up at l’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, within walking distance of our hotel) – to celebrate the boyfriends birthday and Signature at Mandarin Oriental – a few stops from our second hotel in Tokyo, Niwa – for our last evening. Make sure to reserve a table at the window; the stunning view over the city deserves a star on its own.

I also booked a table at Gonpacchi (literally one block away from Hotel Roppongi S) – known from the movie Kill Bill – where we had a great lunch, before leaving Tokyo for the first time. For me, the setting was what made this place special, rather than the food. Worth a visit nonetheless.

I may love to eat, but I don’t like to eat bad food. It’s just not worth it. That’s why I have a slight aversion towards surprises. On the other hand, I love tasting new things. Luckily, the food in Japan is almost never bad. That’s why I really enjoyed trying our luck at the “vending machines” you’ll come across anywhere in the country. We would just randomly pick 2 dishes to share.

Also make sure to pass by Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market for amazing sashimi, or to try some Oysters at the food stalls in Miyajima.

If you prefer your sushi to come to you while seated at the counter, Osaka is where you want to be. They invented this ‘down-market’ custom called  Kaiten-sushi and there are several cheap and quick options around town. We loved it at Daiki Suisan, a place certainly worth queuing up for.

Even though most places served good food, there where a few that really left a remarkable impression on me and it would be selfish not to share them with you. Be ready to get blown away!

Shinsuke – Tokyo (Izakaya) (Ueno & Yanaka area – Chiyoda line to Yeshiva, exit 3)

Kawa-kyo – Matsue (Izakaya serving the 7 delicacies of from Shinji-ko)

Hassei – Hiroshima (Okonomiyaki)


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pam • December 11, 2016

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