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Our ‘Epic’ Baby-moon

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to high-five myself for past decisions and actions.

First, I would go back to October 2014 and thank myself for saying ‘yes’ to going out for drinks with this witty guy. Next, I would go back to the beginning of June 2016 and congratulate us on the amazing choice we made, selecting EPIC Sana Hotel for our very first baby-moon.


Since it’s our first pregnancy, we had no idea how I would be feeling around my 18th week. We realised that a city trip as usual would be too tiring, but still preferred a destination where there would be some ‘action’ and things to see or do outside of the hotel.

We considered staying in Cascais and visiting Lisbon as a day trip, but figured the other way around would be more our cup of tea. One condition though: a hotel with a pool. That’s how we found EPIC SANA. Great location + an indoor pool & SPA (&gym) + an outdoor pool on the roof. We hit upon an amazing deal and the hotel sure didn’t disappoint.

Epic Sana_Fotor

Of course we weren’t the only guests who liked to relax at the pool. With only 7 cabins and 20 sun beds, they have a highly structured system. After noting your room number, the pool lady hands you a towel and pillow to lie on the deck. From there you can get an upgrade to the couch or seats, to the beds, and finally the cabins. Not when you’re pregnant that is. As soon as we would arrive on the 9th floor, she would greet us – ok, she only greeted me – as “Madame Pam” and she did everything within her power to make our time at the pool as comfortable as possible – or at least my time.

The pool isn’t the sole asset of the hotel. So are the SPA Treatments. On my first mothers day as almost-mom (or my last mothers day before becoming a mom), I treated myself to the prenatal massage. It’s not only the massage itself that’s truly relaxing, but the whole experience around it.

Nothing but nice words for EPIC SANA, the breakfast (and pool-side bar) and wonderful staff. Luckily we did still got out to explore the city as well.


Day and night, the vibrant city has a lot to offer. Strolling through Bairro Alto & Chiado and visiting famed Café A Brasileira are only a fraction of the things to do. Portuguese food is completely my liking and far from expensive. If I could only recommend you one place to eat, Restaurante Chapitô à mesa would be it. Book ahead and ask for a table at the window for the ultimate dinner with a view. Romance guaranteed.



You sure don’t have to be pregnant to visit Lisbon. It’s a perfect getaway as a couple or with friends. But if you do are pregnant, at least consider going on a little baby-moon!


pam • August 21, 2016

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