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Mobile Citizens of the World: 24h in Rotterdam.

Last weekend the boyfriend surprised me with a weekend abroad to celebrate our first year as a couple. By now he knows how I value experiences over material things. He also knows that I prefer experiences that take place beyond national borders. So he booked us a night at CitizenM in Rotterdam.

Only a short drive from home, Rotterdam has never been my favourite though. My knowledge being limited to the extensive shopping scene, supplemented with a blurry Bachelorette night once upon a time. A rather new city after it was destroyed during World War II. But being open for new adventures, I was very keen to let him carry me away to the so-called “Manhattan at the Maas”.

Arriving at our hotel, everything went pretty smooth. Although reminding me a bit too much at the Mama Shelter Hotels (not that I mind) – and I’m still not sure which might have copied the other – CitizenM was completely my taste. “Stylish design, great value, sociable atmosphere, a comfortable bed and big fluffy towels.”  Top this all with a great location.


Not only is the hotel conveniently situated a few steps from this amazing market hall and the many shopping streets, it’s also just around the corner of the Old Harbour where you’ll find one of the few buildings that was left standing after the war.  The perfect setting for some pre-dinner drinks.

Rotterdam1  Rotterdam2

Would you prefer to have your (or in our case more) pre-dinner drinks at the hotel, the bar serves some killer cocktails too.

For the actual dinner itself, we walked a few blocks down the road, to be wonderstruck at FjordA cosy restaurant with a menu presenting too many mouth-watering dishes to choose from, that we went for the 5-courses surprise menu.  Great food with a comfortable price tag. 

But Rotterdam has more to offer than shopping and yummy meals. Strolling down the quay (the Maasboulevard and so-called Boompjes) to the Central park, we bumped into this little pop-up bar. Though serving lousy coffee, it offered the perfect scenery for our lazy Sunday.


Continuing our promenade trough the Museumpark and the lively Witte de Withstraat, the city proved that it has much more to offer than I imagined.


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pam • November 6, 2015

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