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Happy Footprints…

They are arriving at their first destination as I’m writing. Windhoek. The start of a wonderful journey, that’s going to change their lives forever.

Whilst their departure came closer, I experienced various emotions over the last few days. Sadness, pride, nostalgia, chagrin, mercy, annoyance, joy, congeniality, distress,.. Not to forget jealousy. I’m not even “secretly a little jealous”, like someone suggested we should all be. No, I’m very jealous and I’m jealous out loud.

My friend Sarah and her boyfriend left everything behind to travel the world for no one knows how long exactly. They’re going for that trip without an ending, where there’s always a next destination. But while they wander around the globe, they’ll be leaving their happy footprints for us to follow on

In French, they don’t really say “I miss you”. They say “tu me manques” which means “you are missing from me”. I love that.

I’m not resentful, nor do I feel aggrieved, but I’m sure as hell going to miss her. Who am I kidding, I already do.

pam • October 13, 2015

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