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Let me take you to Paris.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She believes every occasion calls for a trip.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She’ll book two nights at her favourite hotel and plan a dinner date at one of her most treasured restaurants. She’ll announce it the day before your actual birthday – because she’s too excited about going on the trip herself to wait those last few hours. 

So don’t date a girl who travels. Unless you like to celebrate your birthday strolling the streets of Paris. 

The hotel in question being Mama Shelter. Much talked about by lovers & haters, I still believe it’s the perfect getaway whether staying with your girls or with the boyfriend. The bar – with DJ – draws a nice crowd from locals to other visitors and is a guarantee for a nice atmosphere. The food, from breakfast to all-day pizzas to dinner, is more than great. As are the cocktails.

I never noticed the kinky side of the rooms before though. Not trashy, but just that extra touch that makes it fun. After check-in, the first thing we noticed was the staffs writing on the huge bedside mirror: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” accompanied by several heart-symbols. The perfect start of our romantic excursion to the City of Light…

The restaurant in question being the one at Hotel Costes. It could be my hotel of choice too. One day. For now, I prefer saving that little extra cash to go on more trips and just enjoy the vibe while dining on their terrace. The food is amazing and all the details are just right. I could only imagine how the hotel itself must be.

But when visiting a beautiful city with a loved one, it does’t really matter where you stay or what you eat. It’s all about spending a great time with each other. Usually, my friends and I never get beyond the cosy streets of Le Marais, visiting every little boutique (yes, we might have stopped there briefly – but only for Les Petites – this time). This weekend, we strolled a bit further. Walking by the river banks. Stopping on the Pont des Arts. Visiting all main attractions – even the Eiffel Tour – and enjoying a great spectacle while sunbathing on the stairs in front of the Sacre Coeur.

Yep, Paris is always a good idea.







pam • April 15, 2015

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