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Another year draws to its close

2014 has been quite an emotional roller coaster – to say the least. A year of great travels and big emotions.

It started off with some business travels to Berlin and Phoenix. Thanks to the great company of my colleague Maartje, business turned into pleasure easily. In March I got my flat some cabrio windows – since the city didn’t allow me to build a terrace and I don’t like the sound of “no” – the only solution to turn my flat into a convertible one. Not that I could immediately enjoy them, ’cause off I went on my solo journey to Indonesia.  I didn’t know where I was going, but I was on my way. No plans, no appointments, no stress, no make-up, no bras, no worries. Only doing what I felt like.

Not yet adapted and de-jetlagged, my trip was soon followed by a short break in Barcelona my friend Sarah and I won with Bruxx & Vueling Airlines at Magic. We decided to collect our free tickets the weekend of my Birthday, so we could celebrate it like a Boss.

Work was building up as I headed back to base camp and with a warning from my doctor to take it slow, I decided to quit a job that I actually loved, but that was taking a little too much from me. Summer started relieved, with some visits from friends from abroad, terrific festivals and a last business trip with my successor Jurgen: camping in Friedrichshafen while visiting my last Outdoor Fair (ever).

Life really got a wake-up call after a short break in Cinque Terre and Tuscany. Cancer had gotten to one of my loved ones. I’ve never felt my heart more broken than the moment I heard. Such a vicious disease. It frights you in a way you’ve never ever felt fear before.

I escaped in the only way I knew how to, partying and drinking for the first month, but mainly in doing what I do best: traveling. Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua gave me the consolation I needed. Out of my comfort zone, setting things straight. And oh, did I enjoy the trip. I really did. The first week I travelled together with one of Antwerp coolest girls, Brigitte, and I spent a few more weeks wandering on my own.

I came back an amazing friend richer and fully charged to take on not only the fact one parent was suffering from the side-effects of radiotherapy, but the other one recovering from a brainstem infarction. If I thought before that it couldn’t possibly ache any more, I was certainly wrong. Crushed into little pieces, I wondered what else could occur. Surely it couldn’t get any worse, so I shouted out to life: “Bring it on!”

And suddenly it happened. I met the guy who’s gotten me to cocoon with him.

I never thought I would bump into him in Antwerp,  let alone that he would even be out here, but he was. His friend strongly suggested us to meet and figuring that I had absolutely nothing to lose, I agreed on meeting him for drinks. I walked (ok, ran) down my stairs on that rainy Wednesday night, looked through the door and BAM, an instant crush.

I always loved this quote from SATC:

Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.

Well, I believe I found him. My someone “just as wild”.

Yes, 2014 has been rough on me, but I cherish the good moments and I realise you don’t always have to travel far to discover a new world. Sometimes it’s right before your eyes, but you just don’t see it until the timing is right. Not that that’s going to keep me from traveling! Hell no! I’ll just take him with me maybe.

Who knows what 2015 will have in store for me. If I could have any say in it, these are my resolutions for the next year:

  •  Finally getting this webpage filled with all past greatest experiences
  •  Continue on loving like I’ve never loved before
  • And most important: KEEP ON TRIPPING

there are no happy endings.
endings are the saddest part.
so just give me a happy middle
and a very happy start.

HAPPY 2015!




pam • December 31, 2014

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