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New kid in town: Labyrinth

Antwerp is known by outsiders as a good party-spot. For the insiders, that’s not always the case. You go to the same bars and clubs, run into the same people, time after time. We’ve gone out at the same club nearly every Saturday for the last 3 years.

Sure, there have been many fun moments! But after a while, the excitement is gone and you end up wondering “what the h*** are we doing here again?”.

So when some new place opens, everyone is always very eager to check it out. It is crammed for a few weeks until the newlines rubs off and people go back to their old, familiar spots.

Labyrinth was opening the week I got back from Central America. Bri & I were having some drinks the night of the unofficial opening and the people we bumped into that were going to this privileged night, were exactly those we didn’t feel like seeing. That’s what happens after traveling. Some of the people back home suddenly seem superficial. Even though you’ve had many fun nights with them before, and you might have been just one of them. You can’t bother being at “the place to be” for the moment or worrying about who sees you and so on. We decided to let the hoopla pass and just have some beers with friends instead that weekend.

But when the hype started to fade, it seemed that the parties at this place were actually not bad, not that bad at all. So my friend and I decided to check it out the night Circoloco was coming to town. Just a few hours, we thought. We ended up dancing the night away, eyes closed and enjoying the music, while meeting some great new people.

It might seem silly, but I always believe that the atmosphere while standing in line for the girls room is a perfect measure of the vibe at a place. Some places, the more uptight ones, give me shivers. Girls are lining up with their nose in the air, only facing down to check your outfit head to toe. Here it was nothing like that; we ended up chatting with everyone and no-one seemed to care that I was going out on my Nike’s that night.

A few weeks later Joris Voorn came to play a set. While entering we bumped into some old (male) friends who were leaving because it “stank like penises inside”. True, this is not the place you should go to pick up girls, nor to impress them with some fancy bottles of booze. We danced and danced and danced… and had another great night to remember.

Hopefully this place will keep on attracting the great DJs that it does, because if you’re in for a party, it’s definitely worth checking out!



pam • November 30, 2014

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