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Brrrristol Baby!

When my close friend Sarah decided to move from vibrant London to Bristol, I must admit I had to google map the place. Visiting each other as much as possible, a short break in Bristol was promptly added to my list. Not exactly knowing what to expect and everything but ready, off I went.

Due to outrageous prices flying from Brussels, I decided to fly from Amsterdam. Saving 2/3 on the airfare was worth the travel, right?  As long as the speeding tickets don’t arrive cross-borders that is. EasyJet tip to all you girls: 1 piece of hand luggage actually means 1 piece! Damn it! Although it doesn’t matter whether that piece is bulking out with other pieces or refuges to close. So on my way back, instead of cramming my handbag and laptop in my hand luggage again, I decided to take a huge plastic bag with me. Put on your biggest smile and stuff all your bags in the plastic bag & voilà: 1 piece of hand luggage it is!

My arrival at Bristol was wet & cold. Just my impression of the UK. But when discovering the city, the atmosphere makes up for the horrible weather. It’s a laid back town, with friendly people, lots of beautiful buildings and nice places to hang out. Arty (home of Banksy), alternative and non-pretentious, that’s Bristol.



Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes, the city is quite hilly and  outdoor activities are only a stone’s throw away. If you have the time, beautiful Bath (Spa) is a 15 min train ride and definitely worth a visit as well.

Since my visits are more about catching up with Sarah, than actually exploring the place, I must admit I’ve only seen a small fraction of what Bristol has to offer. But I’m glad it already changed my view on the UK; there’s more to England than only London!




pam • November 8, 2014

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