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The Monkey Hut

Take a 200m deep crater lake surrounded by a lush forest, add some howling monkeys, a dock, some more floating docks (aka “wooden islands”), toys (kayaks, tubes, hammocks,..) – not to forget the amazing sunrise – and you’ll get the most relaxed version of… well, me!crab pose

Even though meeting great people is one of my favourite parts of travelling, sometimes you feel the urge to spend some time by yourself. I arrived at that point even before we got to Granada. Visiting my long-lost friend Gert and his nearby Monkey Hut at Laguna de Apoyo was the perfect excuse to say goodbye to my travel buddy and  to go my own way.

Upon arrival, Jason the host was surprised by my excitement when he told me I would be the only guest occupying the dorm that night. Perfect. Just me, myself & I.

I spent my first day reading at the dock and grocery shopping at the little store around the corner. In the evening, I cooked enough pasta for a few days in the cosy, clean kitchen and I continued reading on my private porch. The same porch from which you have a wonderful sunrise view. I set my alarm clock at 5 AM and went out only covered in a sheet (the luxury of sleeping alone), to marvel on this amazing scenery.

I can only relax for so long, so the next day I humped on a bus to visit the Masaya craft market. After my excursion, I was actually glad to see some other people had moved into the dorm.

Apparently I also only need to be alone for so long.

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pam • September 16, 2014

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